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One of the most important things a business owner can do is research and identify high-volume industry-related keywords, both historically and in real-time  – this research marketing concept is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts must start – with popular keywords in one’s marketplace(s) of business.

In other words, creating website pages with popular keywords will highly impact your company’s website overall on Google by showing up for the search terms on Google Search specific to each page as long as the site and SEO are managed properly.

Both, Google ads and website integration, for major search terms and popular keywords help you get in front of the customers searching for your services or products online to drive in new customers and sales.

Google Keywords Research

Internal Profit SEO Management & Google Search Results

Keyword Data – The Big Picture


This data is so powerful that it not only helps with your content for your website, ads, blogs, and other content, but keyword data is a key indicator of what is popular right now and what the marketing wants. This is extremely beneficial to tailor your marketing efforts in real-time to drive the most revenue based on what is in demand. We recommend extracting keywords at least quarterly to stay on top of popular keyword market trends and consumer demand.

Many companies are using keyword data concepts and strategies to create monthly and quarterly blogs and newsletters based on market trends for popular search terms and phrases that apply to business or sales products. For information on how we can tailor this strategy to your business, give one of our experts a call.

Google Keywords – Historical & Real-time


In our professional experience, it’s best for businesses to scrape keywords historically from the past year, six months, and quarterly if possible. This will give you the volume of keywords and seasonal keywords and phrases to help build your website pages, Google ads, blog articles, and ad content. If fact, this is one of the most impactful tools in a business’s tool kit and relatively inexpensive as the tools can be used for a business’s lifetime.

Our keyword packages are second to none by giving companies the search terms and customer lingo in a defined location, volume, the present “cost per click” for Google ads spending, projected cost to entry (1st Page of Google), competition, and more.

In addition, our keyword packages help companies create a better context for future marketing and to start getting in front of customers who want your products and services. If you’ve not had the chance to get a keyword analysis done it’s highly recommended as you will save hundreds if not thousands by using proper messaging in your ads and marketing efforts.

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