Premium Domain Names

Building a memorable brand for your business is critical in the competitive internet world of today. Before you decide on a business name, it is important to do the necessary research to see if your “.COM” is available. This can be done by going to and verifying if your domain is available.

Registering and buying a branded premium domain name that directly relates to your business name is vital to the success of your brand. The premium domain name should capture your business name, explain who you are and what service you provide. For strong brand recognition using your premium domain name and business name together is extremely important to show up. We do the time-consuming research and advise our clients as to what domain name(s) are available for your business to start branding effectively from the get-go!

7 Premium Domain Name Purchasing Tips

We have put together a basic list for buying premium domain names that build brand recognition, capture core values simultaneously, and promote a greater ROI down the road.

  • Domain Name is Easily Understood (words and meanings are universal  among cultures and translations)
  • Domain Name Aligns with Business Core Values (Ex. EBay, PayPal, InternalProfits, AmpmBooks, Facebook, and Netflix)
  • The Shorter the Domain the Better (2-7 letters using one word. May include 1-2 letters with an abbreviation starting or following the keyword. For example: or
  • Buying a .COM (TLD)
  • Registering Domains Using Keywords (2-3 words/maximum and between 6-15 characters)
  • Branding Your Premium Domain for Success (Google also purchases and Why? Because, misspellings will cost Google the potential customer and their Google search. These domains both forward to to promote the next search as if there was no typo. Google feels that spending money for both of these domains are a good ROI because the loss of customers from misspelling would be greater the domain investment)
  • Repeat and Analyze using KPIs (Key performance indicators)

With a premium domain name, businesses are not only able promote and market there company with ease, but “simultaneous promote” brand recognition without paying and investing large amounts into advertising. Find, or consult with us, to register your premium domain names and hosting plans for your business.  IP offers high quality, fast and ultra-stable hosting solutions packages to assist you with your website design as well. Pick your premium domain name, select the hosting plan package for your website, and you are half-way through to success. Call for a Free-Consultation so we analyze the best keywords in the market currently and start branding your premium domain name today!

cloude computer

Branded Domains $2995

(Real Estate/Apartment Rental/Directory Website/Other) $1795

(Marijuana Dispensary/Directory Website/Products/Other) $3795

(Online Support/Dating Site/Adult/ Website/Other) $2495

(Nightclub/Bar/Directory Website/Other) $3495

(Online Support/Dating Site/Adult/Directory Website/Other) $3495

(Commodities/Farming/Directory Website/Other) $3795

(Hotel/Vacation/Directory Website/Other) $3495

(Real Estate/Rentals/Directory Website/Other)

AmpmFoods: $5995

(Grocery/Retail/Online Shopping/Directory Listing)

AmpmGirl: $2995

(Online Dating/Adult Site/Online Shopping/Products/Directory Website/Other)

AmpmHosting: $2995

(Website/Hosting Company/Online Services/Other) $4995

(Legal/Lawyer Services/Workers Compensation/Directory Website/Other) $2795

(Pets/Veterinarian/Pet Shopping/Directory Website/Product/Other) $2795

(Restaurant/Food/Directory Website/Other) $4995

(Real Estate/Rentals/Directory Website/Other) $4995

(Vacation Rentals/Real Estate/Apartment Rentals/Other) $2995

(Real Estate/Night Club/Apartment Rentals/ Vacation Rentals by Owner/Other) $2995

(Nature/Science/Directory Website/Other) $3495

(Adult, NightClub, Online Chat/Directory Website/Other) $4995

(Storage/Business/Directory Website/Other) $2795

(Hardware/Online Shop/Business/ Tool Directory Website/ Informational with Ads/Products/Other) $6995

(Travel Agency/Tourism/Directory Website/Business/Other) $2995

(Employment Agency/Recruiting/Business/Other) $1995

(Health, Diet, Cooking, Books Publication & Other) $5995

(Health & Beauty/Cosmetics/Adult/Other) $995

(Pub, Bar & Restaurant/Product/Other) & $1995

(Health Care/Specialist/Business/Other) $1995

(Business/Online Shopping/Other) $2995

(Business/Construction/Other) $2995 (Business/Construction/Other) $1795

(Marijuana Dispensary/Business/Other) $2995

(Business/Construction/Other) $1995

(Business/Consulting/Other) – $4995

(Adult/Chat-Room/Directory Website/Other) $2,495

(Construction, Painting & Resurfacing) & $2995

(Construction/Painting/Resurfacing/Business/Other) $495

(Party/Events/Night Club/Other) $2995 (Construction/Business/Other) $3995 (Politcal/Business/Directory/Other) $7995

(Health Care/HMO/Marijuana  Dispensary/Business/Other) $995

(Marijuana Dispensary/Products/Business/Other) & $3995

(Resorts & Vacations/Business/Directory Website/Other) $1995

(Adult/Business/Movie/Other) & $2995

(Pub, Bar &  Restaurant/Brewery/Products/Other) $2995 (Resort/Vacation/Rentals/Business/Director Website/Other) $2995

(Business, Construction/Other) $2995

(Self-Defense/Online Shopping/Weapons/Business/Other) $2495

(Marijuana Dispensary/Products/Business/Other) $2495

(Pest Control/Marijuana Dispensary/Products/Business/Other) $2495

(Pest Control/Marijuana Dispensary/Products/Business/Other) $2995

(Business/ Construction/Other) $2995

(Business/Construction/Other) $2995


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