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Domain Name Checklist


  • Recommend buying a “.com” only (tld); not a “.co, .net, .rocks, .info, etc.”
  • The domain should be easily understood; words and meanings should be universal among cultures and translations
  • The domain name should align with business core values (e.g., PayPal, Tennis Estimates, Grove Radio, etc.).
  • As a rule of thumb, the shorter the domain the better (2-7 letters using one word. May include 1-2 letters with an abbreviation starting or following the keyword. E.g., or
  • One can register a domain using 2-3 words/maximum and between 6-15 characters
  • When choosing your domain name you’ll want to think about branding success and perhaps buy other domain names around the one you decide on. For example, Google also purchased and in addition to You may be asking why. The answer is because by not registering the domain’s misspellings it will cost Google the potential customer and search. Think about how many times a day a person inputs or in a hurry. Both domains forward to to promote the next search as if “there was no typo.” Google feels that spending money on both of these domains is a good investment because they ensure the customer gets to the search bar with ease.
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