About Us


Internal Profits is an internet marketing and consulting agency helping companies and clients to reach their business goals. This is accomplished by using real-time data and performance reporting to build marketing strategies that drive sales revenue for your products and services among your marketplace(s).


Our approach is simple – It’s hands-on, full of value, flexible, and with pricing that is affordable for even the smallest of business owners to generate a return on investment.



Our goal is to bring immense value, creativity, and growth for each client and company through online marketing channels, business operations, and personal relationships.



Meet the Owner

Patrick Menzel

Founder & CEO

Guided by hands-on experience at GoDaddy as a sales consultant and Enterprise Holdings as a multi-unit branch manager, Patrick identified internet marketing needs and scalable business applications for established companies and clientele, newly started businesses, and entrepreneurs. From his findings, he developed some of the best marketing strategies and websites for branding companies.

Patrick is helping many companies advertise effectively using Google ads, social media, and other online marketing avenues. As a result, he has helped many companies brand effectively, target their audience, generate a positive return on investment, and reach their business goals. So, whether you are looking to do-it-yourself or simply don’t have the time, our team is here to help you succeed!

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