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Internal Profits is an internet marketing company helping companies and clients reach their business goals by connecting online customers to company website pages and online ads across a vast array of marketing channels and web pages. Consultants are trained to consult and assist any size company to meet their business goals and marketing objectives.

Our Mission

“Our goal is to bring immense value, creativity, and growth for each client and company through online marketing channels, business operations, and personal relationships.” Patrick M. – Owner

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. It’s hands-on, full of value, flexible, and pricing is affordable for even small-business owners.



Meet the Team

Internal Profits Digital Marketing Agency - Gold Membership Plan

Patrick Menzel

Founder & CEO

Guided by hands-on experience at GoDaddy and Enterprise Holdings, Patrick identified digital marketing needs for companies and clientele, newly started businesses and entrepreneurs. From his findings, he developed some of the best marketing strategies that could be trained and scaled. As a result, he has helped many companies brand effectively, generate a positive return on investment and to reach their business goals.

Mitch Mathison

Online Consultant

Mitch provides immense value for business owners and clients through his passion for internet marketing services and seeing clients get rewarded in the process. In doing so, he provides custom-fit packages and marketing options specific to each client and their business needs.

George Palms

Onsite Consultant

George is known for his vast knowledge of online marketing, ability to quickly audit, and simultaneously create effective marketing strategies for each specific client. He has demonstrated this many times and helped a variety of customers and industries to reach their business goals and increase sales revenue.

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