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About Us

Internal Profits is an SEO, branding, and internet marketing agency, located in Phoenix, AZ.

The company has been featured in publications in 2021 from popular digital media outlets like Markitor, MailNinja, CEO Blog Nation, & Tempe Chamber of Commerce for helping companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs expand and grow their business through successful internet marketing services and advertising.

Our Mission

To provide growth and return on investment through successful branding, marketing, and operations.

Approach & Delivery

Our approach is hands-on, full of value, flexible, educational, and will assist in pushing your business forward. We deliver knowledge, proven systems, and dedication to drive your success.


Meet The Owner

Patrick Menzel | Founder & CEO


Guided by hands-on experience at GoDaddy as a sales consultant and Enterprise Holdings as a multi-unit branch manager, Patrick identified and developed internet marketing needs and scalable business applications for established companies and clientele, newly started businesses, and entrepreneurs. From his sales and business experience, he developed some of the best marketing strategies for branding companies online.

Patrick is helping many companies advertise effectively by building revenue streams through WordPress websites, SEO, Google Ads, social media, and other online marketing avenues. As a result, the internet marketing agency has helped many companies brand effectively, target their audience, generate a positive return on investment, and reach their business goals. He aims to do the same for you!


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Internal Profits PR and News Publications

Local Marketing Examples From 8 Small Businesses

Publication Date: March 16, 2021

Media Publication: American Marketing Association

Expertise: Marketing (local)

Description: How is your business effectively marketing on a local level?

To help your business effectively market on a local level, we asked creative business leaders and PR professionals this question for their best advice. From keeping relationships alive to utilizing Google My Business and pay per click, there are several great ways you can effectively market on a local level.

Here are eight ways to get your business effectively marketing on a local level:

What is one “can’t skip” SEO step to do when launching a new website?

Publication date: Jan 25, 2021 

Media Publication: Markitors

Expertise: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Website Development

What is one “can’t skip” SEO step to do when launching a new website? To help small businesses with launching a new website, we asked SEO experts and marketing professionals this question for their best advice. From creating a monetization plan to keeping track of your keywords, there are several great SEO tips that may help you launch your new website! Here are 12 SEO tips to follow for your website launch.

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