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Business owners are busy and we understand that we need to be flexible, so Internal Profits offers full-time and part-time monthly SEO marketing and management packages, both on-site and remote, to meet your company’s needs.

We start with a half-day to full-day online video, phone call, or in-person consultation for serious business owners who want to impact their business online with more leads quickly and long-term from user search results on Google.

During your consultation, we will be learning more about you, your business, and what goals you’re looking to accomplish both short and long-term. We will go through an SEO checklist to understand what is working well and what may need some work to improve your company’s ranking and performance online.

In addition to the initial consultation and checklist, we typically start with identifying popular keywords in your target market, making website and content recommendations to boost keyword performance and results, using backlinks for credibility, and blogging to get Google ranking on your website jump-started.

The initial learning process helps us both to better learn and understand your SEO and online presence, business operations, and management, current demographics, target market, and more to assist you in reaching your business goals. Get in touch with us today and we will determine the proper SEO strategy to move your business forward.

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