Website Analysis


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Website Analysis

A website analysis is the complete troubleshooting of hosted domain(s) and its effectiveness to the users on the World Wide Web; using desktops, tablets, and mobile interfaces to promote business goals and objectives effectively.

A complete website analysis has two parts; the front end and back end.


The front end part of the website analysis works with the interface working of the website, pertaining to the content (pictures, videos, call to action, and business information) and using little work, moving the user along to the call to action (the business goal).

Example:  How easily is a customer online looking for a bathroom remodel able to read about your company, see portfolio works with a bathroom remodel, and that stay on the page long enough to call for a free quote and/or estimate (call to action) and provide online sales to your company through mobile devices effectively?

Back End:

The back end of the website analysis works with the hosting of the website. Examples include www.cpanel.com, www.plesk.com, www.bluehost.com, or other hosting providers.

Internal Profits experts will ensure the website is compatible with the future use of business scopes. In addition, we will optimize your website speed as needed and make any recommendations as necessary. The back end of the website analysis is critical in ensuring the domains are pointed correctly, the email is responding properly to the user requests on the contact page, and configurations are set properly for online customers on all devices.

How to Get Sales 24/7:

Internal Profits views websites as one of the most critical business tools today. We believe your website should be viewed as a 24/7 salesperson, who works hard daily in growing your business online.  The analysis can tell owners whether customers are visiting the website, how many, and what pages they are visiting including; services, products, information, sign-ups, contact, etc. A complete website analysis will also give business owners and stakeholders the statistical information to understand their online market. This helps owners build strategies from a deeper understanding of their customers online; including demographics, potential markets, current markets, interests, locations, and more.


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