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In November 2018, I was asked to help two local business owners launch a refinancing home loan company in Scottsdale, AZ.

The two partners insisted after the launch they wanted to rank on Google for “refinancing mailer” search results in addition to a direct search for the company to add to their marketing portfolio.

Mailers were a large part of their sales revenue and marketing budget by sending out mailers when it was time for homeowners to refinance.

The former military partner also wanted to be found online for “veteran operated refinancing company” or similar related keywords searches because he wanted to give back to Veterans and Military by offering the most savings when it came time for them to refinance their home.

After learning more about their business goals and vision, I explained how WordPress website designs use a special “plugin” called Yoast SEO that communicates directly with Google Search Console to show up in search results for the keywords they desired.

To get thier marketing portfolio started, I explained that using the “refinancing mailer” keyword phrase would be best suited for the loan application page. In other words, let’s search engine optimize (SEO) your “apply page” for customers using the keyword “refinancing mailer” on Google.

I explained, when they arrive on the apply page, let’s create a refinancing mailer form to complete on the page. This will help convert the online visitor from a lead to a sale and keep customers on the page longer. This will help Google rank your webpage higher when the site goes live.

After about three months, with some social media ads and marketing finesse, the company eventually made the first page and currently ranked 8 of 10 for “refinancing mailer” Google keyword search results.

Next, for the “Veteran operated refinancing company” I explained we would recommend using this key-phrase for the “home page or about page.” After about three months, the company ranked 2 of 10 on the first page of Google and still there today. View the search results here.

The best part about picking solid keywords and having a professional web designer that does SEO is that they can also help populate additional web-pages for your company using the same keyword over time. In turn, this pushes down your competition to the second page and gets your business even more visibility to potential searchers.

As you may have noticed for the “veteran operated mortgage company” search, the results populated the “home page” and the “VA loan page” at number three. This keyword search the company desired now takes up 20% of the first page results on Google (2 of 10) and displayed without paying one cent for any ads to be there.

If you want to add a third spot use pay-per-click Google Ads using the same keyword. It will display and secure another area on the top or bottom of the results.

As a result, we have helped the company scale from three loan officers in November 2018 to twelve loan officers in May 2020. The company is continuing to expand its sales volume in August of 2020 with millions of dollars of refinancing revenue and growth. The company is looking to expand to twenty plus loan officers by January 2021.

If you want to talk about perpetual value for your investment dollars, this should be your online business plan to start driving website traffic, today!

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