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At Internal Profits, we understand upfront costs can be expensive and that is the reason we offer competitive first-time customer financing and digital package discounts.

This helps you save some money on the front-end, allows you to see the process and get educated, and most importantly see the branding and marketing impact online with company search results, leads, and more sales.



How Does it Work?


Digital Financing

Example: Local Business Shop

Getting Started

The process is easy and all the branding, marketing, and consulting work are done on the front end for you to see the results. All action items are based on your budget and goals.

We simply start by going through a checklist to see where you are and how we can make an impact on your sales goals. The process will involve a 20-40 minute consultation and real-time quote for hours based on completing the scope or project(s).


After a 45-minute consultation, a client has about $3500 total budget to get started. The customer is in need of getting one’s company online with an SEO-optimized website and could use some help with social media set up and posting. The customer decided to go with the SEO website basic package because it comes with 2-3 keywords to optimize his business services. The customer already has a logo, some photos, and no videos. We may need to do an onsite photo shoot or request more professional quality photos and the customer has no context written for services webpages.

Customers would like to try Google ads (PPC) with a budget of approx. $300-$600/month after the financing period or in 90 days if the work leads to more sales.


  1. Domain Research & Registry, Hosting, etc.
  2. Keyword Research  (included in basic website package)
  3. Basic SEO Website – $4999
  4. Social Media Set-up – $675 (5 hours)
  5. Google My Business Set-up – $202.50 (1.5 hours)

Total: $5,886.50



No Interest Financing for 5 months

Digital Branding

To start the project, we require 50% upfront and financing for the remaining portion over the following 5 months. Here is a simple breakdown:

A. Total: $5,886.50

B. To Get Started: $2,938.25

C. Monthly Payment: $587.65 (5 months at $587.65 = $2,938.35 or the other 50%)

Let’s get your business generating more sales online with keywords that drive website traffic and results.

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